Privacy Policy

You can enjoy our service through different ways, such as searching and sharing information, communicate with the others, creating new content, and so on. If you are sharing information (such as creating an Kuuki Account) with us, we are obliged to provide you with a better service. For instance, advertisement and search results will be more suitable for your viewing, helping you stay connected with your friends or share information with others easily. Since you have chosen our service, we hope you can have a clearer picture on the administration and also your own privacy protection.

Our Privacy Policy has explained the questions as shown below:

· The information that we collected, and the reason of collect it.

· The administration of these information.

· The choices that we provided for you, which include how to access and update the information.

We want to make sure you are able to understand fully so if you are not familiar with CookieIPpixel labelingbrowser, and these specific terms, do get more details regarding these terms. Kuuki pays great attention towards users’ right of privacy, do give us a few minutes to know more about our convention. Do not hesitate to contact us if there’s any issue.

The Information Collected

We aim to provide a better service for all the users by collecting user’s information, which consist of some basic info (e.g. language used), and also some perplexed info (e.g. which advertisement or person on internet that you feel is important).

Two information collection methods:

Information that you provided to us. For example, most of our services require you register an Kuuki Account. When you register, you’ll need to provide a little personal information, such as your name, email address, mobile number, or credit card number. If you wish to fully enjoy our variety sharing function, you might need to create a public profile of Kuuki personal information, which might include your name and photo.

Information collected during the process that you using our services.We will collect the data regarding the service and methods which you have used, such as the website of advertisement service you have accessed or your interaction with these related information. Those information included:

i.Device Information

We might collect specific information for devices (e.g. the hardware model, operation system version, unique identifiers, phone number, or any other mobile network information). Kuuki will link your device identifiers or phone number with your Kuuki account.

ii.Diary Information

When you using or checking content which provided by Kuuki, some information might be collected and stored in server dairy automatically. Those information included detail usage towards our services, such as search contents; phone diary information, such as your phone number, called and dialed number, call time and date, call duration, message routing information, and call type.


Device event information, such as crash, system activity, hardware setting, browser type, browser language, request time and date, recommend url, and the cookie that can unique identify your browser or Kuuki Account.

iv.Location Information

Once you start using GPS function in Kuuki service, we might collect and process the actual location information which related to you (e.g. GPS signal sent form mobile device). We might also tack by using different technology, such as the sensor data from your device can provide nearby Wi-Fi access point and base station information.

v.Unique Application Series Number

Some services include unique application series number. When you install or uninstall related service or when these services communicate with our server at fixed period (e.g. Software auto update), the system will send this series number and install related information (e.g. Operation system type and application version number) to Kuuki.

vi.Local Storage

We might use internet storage of browser or such mechanism (include HTML5) and application data cache to collect the data on your device (include personal information) and proceed local storage.

vii.Cookie and Anonymity Identifier

When you access Kuuki services, we will collect and store the data by using variety technique, and one or more cookies or anonymity identifier will be sent to your device during this process. When you interact with our partners’ services which provided by us (e.g. Advertisement services or any other Kuuki functions which might reveal on other websites), we will use cookies and anonymity identifier too.

How the collected information being used

The information collected from all services will be used for supplying, maintenance, protection, and improvement on our services. Developing new service and protecting Kuuki and Kuuki users will be done at the same time. We will use such information to provide you customize content, such as higher relevant search result and advertisement.

We might use your name in your Kuuki personal information for the services which require Kuuki account. Other than that, we might replace your previous name which linked to Kuuki account to make sure that you are using the same identity in all our services. If other users who knows your Email address or any other information which can identify your identity, we will show them your Kuuki public personal information, such as your name and photo.

When you contact Kuuki, we will save the communication record which will be helpful for us to solve any problems that you have faced. We will send our service email to your email address, such as informing you on the upcoming changes or improvement.

We will use Cookies and other techniques (e.g. Pixel labeling) to collect information, for the aim to improve user’s experiences, and increasing our overall service quality. For example, we can reveal our service as your first choice language according to your language preference setting. Other than that, we will not link the Cookie or anonymity identifier with sensitive category (e.g. Races, religion, sexual orientation, or physical condition) when showing the customize advertisement.

We might combine the personal information from a service with other Kuuki service (included personal information) to simplify the sharing process and make you share information with anyone you know easier. We will not combine and use Double Click Cookie information with personal information without your permission.

We will get your permission before using the information on other unstated purpose in this privacy policy.

The Kuuki servers for processing personal information are spread all over different countries/region. Thus, the server used to process your personal information might not be located at your country/region.

Deletion of your personal information

In the following cases, you can request us to delete your personal information through the contact information on our official website:

• If our processing of personal information violates laws and regulations;

• If we collect and use your personal information without your consent;

if our processing of personal information violates our agreement with you;

• if you no longer use our services, or if you close your account;

• If we discontinue services or operations

Transparency and Option

Different people have different focus on right of privacy, but our aim is to point out clearly what information we have collected, which will help you choose the method of use easily. For example, you can:

· View and control types of information linked to your Kuuki account by using Kuuki Info Center.

· View and modify your advertisement preference setting (e.g. Interest on which category) through Advertisement Setting. You can choose to stop some Kuuki advertisement service through Advertisement Setting.

· View and customize your Kuuki personal information for what and how to reveal it towards certain user by using our editor.

· Control your information sharing target.

· Retrieve information from our various services.

You can customize your own browser to hold back all Cookie (which includes the Cookie that is linked to our service) or provide reminder when we set the Cookie. However, please pay attention that if you stop using the Cookie, it will cause most of our services to not function correctly. For example, we might be unable to save your language preference setting.

The Information You Have Shared

Most of our services enable you to share information with others. Kindly note that when you publicize the information, various search engine that includes Kuuki, might store these information into the reference. Our service has provided you various options which are related to sharing and deleting content.

Access and Update Your Personal Information

Whenever you are using our service, we will always try our best to let you access to your personal information smoothly. We will also work hard to provide different methods to let you update or delete information (except retain these information for legitimate business or legal purpose) if error occurs on these information. We might require you to verify your identity first before processing your requirement when you update your personal information.

We might reject the requirement which is repeating for no reason and requiring too many technical methods (e.g. Developing a new system or changing current practice fundamentally), has risk tendency towards other person’s privacy right, or very unrealistic (e.g. Involves backing up the information on magnetic tape).

We will provide free service to let you access and modify information as long as it does not require too much input. We aim to complete maintenance towards the service in order to protect the information from being destroyed accidentally or purposely. Therefore, we might not delete the copy of remained information from server immediately and corresponding information from backup system also when you have deleted the information from our server.

The Information We Have Shared

We will not share user’s personal information with other companies, organizations, and individual apart from Kuuki, except the condition as listed below:

Get Your Permission

We will share your personal information with other companies, organizations, and individual other then Kuuki after getting your permission. We will share any personal information after your agreement.

Share with Domain Administrator

If your Kuuki account is managed by domain administrator (e.g. Kuuki Apps user is under this situation), then your domain administrator and agency which provide user support for your organization will have the right to access to your Kuuki account information (which included your Email and other data). Your domain administrator can precede the operation as below:

· View statistical information of your account, such as statistical information of the applications have installed.

· Change your account password.

· Stop or terminate access permission for your account.

· Access or store information which saved in your account.

· Receive your account information to fulfill legislation, laws and regulations, and legal procedure requirement, or compulsory requirement from government.

· Restrict you from delete or modify information or customize right of privacy.

· For more details, please refer to your domain administrator privacy policy.

For External Processing

We will provide user personal information to institution which links to Kuuki, any other trusted producer, or individuals, to let them process information as stated as above by following our statements, privacy policy, and any other related confidential and safety precautions.

For Legal Purpose

If we believe that, access, use, remain, or disclosure related information is necessary to achieve the aim as shown below, we will share user’s personal information with other companies, organizations, and individual other then Kuuki:

· To fulfill legislation, laws and regulations, and legal procedure requirement, or compulsory requirement from government.

· To execute applicable terms of service (included checking possible violation condition).

· To search, prevent, or manage cheating, security, or technical problem.

· To protect Kuuki, Kuuki user’s, or public’s right, property, or security from damage within the legal requirement or permission.

· To share a summary of the non-personal information with public and cooperative partner (e.g. The publishers, advertisement client, or linked website). For example, we will disclose external to let the public get to know overall trend of using of Kuuki service.

If Kuuki involves in merging, acquisition, asset sale, or other business trading, we will continue make sure its confidentiality and inform the affected user before proceed to transfer any personal information or being restricted by other privacy policy.

Information Security

We put effort into providing protection for Kuuki and our users, in order to avoid the information we stored being access, modify, disclose, or damage without authorization. Therefore, we special adopt measures as below:

· We encrypt most servers by using SSL.

· We provide 2 verification steps for you when access to Kuuki account, and provide safe browsing function in Kuuki Chrome browser at the same time.

· We will investigate collection, storage, and processing information (included physical security measures) to avoid each system being accessed without authorization.

· We only allow Kuuki employees, contractor, and agency who help in managing to access personal information, and they are carrying out a strict confidential contract. If they cannot fulfill the duties as stated in the contract, might undertake legal liability or terminate the relationship with Kuuki.

Scope of Application for Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is suitable for all services provided by Kuuki Inc. and other related organizations, which included the service on other websites (e.g. Our advertisement service), but not included the service that has its own privacy policy (which does not merge into the current policy privacy).

Our privacy policy is not suitable for the service which is provided by other company or individual. For example, products or websites which reveal in search result, the websites which includes Kuuki service, or other websites from our service link. For the other company or organization which is advertising our service, might using Cookie, pixel labeling, and other technique to serve and provide related advertisement, our privacy policy is not cover such information processing convention.

Compliance of Policy and Coordination with Regulatory Authority

We will check regularly the compliance condition. Other than that, we also comply with some self-regulation framework. We will contact the complainant after we received a formal written complaint to take further action. We will cooperate with supervision organization (which included local data protection agency) to solve the complaints regarding to personal data transfer problem which cannot be solved directly between Kuuki and user.


We might modify the privacy policy anytime. We will not cut down your right as according to current privacy policy version without your agreement. We will public any modification for privacy policy at current page. For significant modification, we will provide a more remarkable inform (which included some services, we will inform through Email to explain the specific modification for privacy policy). We will save the old version of privacy policy for your reference.